Shuttle Information


During the summer field season, LTER shuttle vehicles are used to provide transportation for researchers up from Boulder to the MRS and the Cable Gate parking area below the trail to Niwot Ridge. Registration to ride the shuttle will be open to all that attend orientation and fill out the correct paperwork. Although you are welcome to drive your personal vehicle to the MRS, please keep in mind that there is limited parking space at the MRS. Due to rough road conditions and frequent air sampling, we discourage the use of personal vehicles beyond the gate at the Marr Lab. If you believe that you need to drive a personal vehicle beyond the gate, please speak in advance to the MRS station manager, Kris Hess.


SEEC to MRS Shuttle

The shuttle (8 passenger capacity) leaves Boulder from the parking lot on the southwest side of the SEEC/MacAllister building, 4001 Discovery Dr., on CU east campus. Additional pick-up stops are made at the two locations listed below.

  • Magnolia Dr. parking area on Boulder Canyon Dr.

MRS to Cable Gate & Watershed Shuttles

Shuttles will also be used to transport researchers from the MRS (9-10 passenger capacity) up to Cable Gate/C1 climate station or the Boulder Watershed (Tues/Thurs, permitted researchers only). If you want a ride, please sign up in advance on the LTER Shuttle calendar with your name and email address. Please only add your name to the calendar where space is available; please do not make any other changes to the calendar. If you do not reserved a seat on the shuttle, you may need to walk to your field site. If your plans change, please remove yourself from the shuttle signup sheet. Please contact Jane Smith with any questions about the shuttle calendar.

Researchers taking shuttles from the MRS to either Cable Gate or the Watershed are also required to add their names to a paper list in the vehicle with a note about how they are returning to the MRS. If you do not end up taking the shuttle back to the MRS you need to cross your name off the list. This is a critical safety procedure that ensures that everyone is accounted for at the end of the field day.

General Shuttle timing:

  • 6:15 am Shuttle leaves from SEEC southwest parking lot for MRS Marr Lab

  • 7:30 am Shuttle leaves Marr Lab for C1 and cable gate

  • 3:15 pm Shuttle departure deadline from cable gate to return to Marr Lab

  • 4:00 pm Shuttle leaves from Marr Lab for SEEC

Although we strive to always leave the Marr Lab promptly at 4:00 pm, on Tues/Thurs departure may occasionally be delayed depending on the timing of researchers returning from GLV. Also this year Boulder canyon is undergoing some intensive maintenance so check out CDOT’s webpage to get updates and more information.